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  • HGH Information By Nurse

    HGH Information By Nurse

    If you have visited many human growth hormone web sites you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the conflicting information about HGH and all the different products being sold online. I hope the information I have provided will help you to understand exactly what human growth hormone is, why we need to keep our HGH and growth factors at a healthy level as we age, and which therapies have been legitimately shown to be safe and effective at doing that.

    I started working with human growth hormone and anti-aging therapies 24 years ago after I experienced tremendous results with a non-injection homeopathic growth hormone therapy myself.

    If after you learn about growth hormone you decide that you do wish to improve your own level you will be faced with the decision of which product to try.

    From the beginning I have been dedicated to providing only the truth as I know it and to offering only the product I feel is best based on legitimate and independent clinical evidence.

  • The Importance of Healthy Adrenal Glands

    The Importance of Healthy Adrenal Glands

    The adrenals are two small glands with each located just above a kidney. They are responsible for important life sustaining processes such as protecting us from stress, keeping salt and water balanced in the body, keeping blood pressure normal, and regulating blood glucose. The adrenals also assist in the production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. As age progresses and the ovaries and testes decrease their release of these hormones the adrenal glands become more responsible for their release.

    Our energy, endurance, ability to fight infection, ability to heal and rejuvenate, and in fact our very lives depend upon the proper functioning of our adrenal glands.

  • The Ultimate Immune Supplement!

    The Ultimate Immune Supplement!

    Immune Support is a one-of-a-kind supplement that combines all the best immune building and infection fighting herbs and vitamins such as both water and fat soluble vitamin C, zinc picolinate, beta 1 3D glucan, olive leaf, oregano, and more into one effective, safe, and easily tolerated homeopathic formulation.

    It would be almost impossible to take all of these ingredients together in supplemental form. However, by using the principles of homeopathy we are able to extract the essence and energies of these powerhouse ingredients and use them together in one product.

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