If you are serious about health and fitness and anti-aging why not take advantage of our AUTOSHIP savings and enjoy the savings and convenience of recurring deliveries?

Our convenient Autoship (recurring orders) program is free to join and it allows you to lock in your same product sale price on all your future 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 day shipments for as long as the Autoship program is active. You may skip a shipment or move your next ship date, and of course you may cancel your Autoship at anytime. See our policy below for specifics.

To order a product on Autoship just use the drop-down on that product's ordering page and choose the frequency that you want your products to be shipped.

To Make Changes to Your Autoship

You may log into your store account here if you would like to move your next ship date, change your ship frequency, change your credit card, or cancel your Autoship entirely. Please note when changing your ship date, the next ship date cannot be scheduled to ship within 24 hours of the time you are making this change. Also, all Autoships must process at least one time per year. If an Autoship goes beyond a year between shipments it will be canceled, and we reserve the right to cancel an Autoship at any time.

*If you need to change the address on your current Autoship: You will need to call or text us at 318-600-5772 as that has to be done by us. Changing the address in your account will not change the address of your current Autoship template.

*If you want to change the credit card being used: You will need to add the new card to your account first. Even if you just want to update the same card you will still need to add that same card again, with the new exp date, etc. On your account page click to add new card. After adding your card to your account go back to your account page and scroll down to your Autoship recurring order and click "see details". Then on that page use the drop-down to attach the new cc to your Autoship. After this has been done you may then delete your old card from your account because it is no longer attached to your Autoship.

*If you want to change the product(s) or quantity in your Autoship you will need to cancel that Autoship and place a new order.

Of course you may call us at 318-600-5772 and we will make your changes for you. You may also click here and request changes. Please choose the "Autoship Recurring Shipments" department using the drop-down. Then type "Change Autoship" or "Cancel Autoship" in the subject box. After your requested changes have been made we will send you a confirmation to the email address you provided.

PLEASE NOTE: We have new offers/discounts each month. If we have a new special offer that you are interested in you may cancel your current Autoship and place a new order to take advantage of the new special. However, we cannot add the new offer to your current Autoship.

Example: You placed an Autoship order during a month when we offered a special discount. You received that discount and you payed for shipping. If the following month's special is free shipping we will not add free shipping to your current Autoship and you also keep the special discount you received from another month's offer. That is called stacking offers, which we cannot do.

ATTENTION: If you do not choose a ship frequency during checkout then your order can only be a one-time shipment, without the Autoship discount.


  • All AUTOSHIP Customers receive the quoted discount off the regular price on each item purchased for 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 day automatic shipment at the time of purchase. Customer will receive this same discounted item price for as long as the AUTOSHIP remains active.
  • Customers agree to have their first AUTOSHIP shipment charged and shipped to them at their discounted product price.
  • Customers agree to have another order of the same product(s) charged and sent to them at the same price, plus shipping if applicable, at the appropriate time. The AUTOSHIP will remain in effect until the customer cancels it, if it is dormant for one year, or if we cancel it.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the price of shipping without prior notice if the cost to ship increases. U.S.P.S. and UPS real-time rates may change, which we do not control. We do not profit from shipping charges.
  • Customers may contact us and request we ship their next AUTOSHIP shipment earlier than scheduled.
  • Customers may also delay a shipment or skip a shipment by logging into their account and changing the next ship date or by contacting us at least 72 hours before the next scheduled shipment. Customers may not skip two shipments in a row, the AUTOSHIP will have to be canceled instead.
  • AUTOSHIP orders must be received and kept at least one (1) time per year or the AUTOSHIP will be canceled and customer will no longer be eligible for the AUTOSHIP discounts or locked-in pricing from that original AUTOSHIP order. Once canceled, in order to restart AUTOSHIP shipments the customer will need to place a new AUTOSHIP order at the current advertised prices.
  • Customers may cancel their AUTOSHIP at any time. Customers must contact us to request cancellation of their AUTOSHIP at least 72 hours before the next AUTOSHIP order is due to be shipped or they may be charged shipping charges (if the postage label has already been purchased).
  • Any request to cancel a scheduled AUTOSHIP shipment after it has been processed will incur a $5 processing fee.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any AUTOSHIP subscription at any time without prior notice if the situation warrants.

An order placed for any of our products on AUTOSHIP signifies your agreement to this AUTOSHIP Policy.

PLEASE NOTE: While on AUTOSHIP if your credit card is declined at the time your next shipment is due we will attempt to notify you. If you do not contact us with either a new form of payment or a request to cancel your AUTOSHIP we will attempt to get authorization on your credit card and if authorization is received we will send your next shipment. A declined credit card does not cancel your AUTOSHIP. If you would like to cancel you must notify us at least 72 hours before your next shipment is due. However, we reserve the right to cancel your AUTOSHIP if we cannot obtain payment authorization.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

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