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Custom Case Special

ProBLEN Custom Case

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Choose two or more of ProBLEN products at a substantial discount. Receive three bottles of each product chosen.
Availability: In Stock. Price depends on products chosen.

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Custom Case - 12 Bottles Total

Choose the Product(s) You Want and Save!

Choose 12 bottles in increments of three bottles each.

If you want 12 bottles of the same product choose that product in all four drop-downs. Each drop-down contains three bottles.

Your price depends on which products you choose. See the drop-downs for the cost of each product as part of this Custom Case.

Each 30 ml sublingual spray bottle is a 30 day supply.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

*Customer Reviews and Ratings: Please visit each individual product page in this store and click on the "Customer Reviews" tab.

*Dosage Instructions: Please click the "Dosages" tab on this page.

*Ingredients: Please click the "Ingredients" tab.

If you need more information about these products please see their individual product pages.

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