Eat Healthy to Live Healthy!

Those who wish to be more healthy and want to put up the best fight against the effects of aging should follow an anti-aging lifestyle. One of the most important parts of anti-aging is the diet. We can improve our cell building and restoration hormones such as growth hormone, but if we do not also provide the body with the brick and mortar it requires to actually build the cells, which we get from nutrients, and stay away from certain unhealthy substances our health won't be optimum.

The Cornerstones of the Anti-Aging Diet

Drastically decrease your intake of sugars and refined carbohydrates.
Eat plenty of lean protein.
Replace the unhealthy fats with important healthy fats.
Eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.
Eat enough fiber.
Drink plenty of water that does not contain fluoride, replace missing electrolytes.
Avoid GMO's.
Take nutritional supplements if needed.

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The Healthy Anti-Aging Diet

Lisa Wells, RN

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