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If you have visited many human growth hormone web sites you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the conflicting information about HGH and all the different products being sold online. I hope the information I have provided will help you to understand exactly what human growth hormone is, why we need to keep our HGH and growth factors at a healthy level as we age, and which therapies have been legitimately shown to be safe and effective at doing that.

I started working with human growth hormone and anti-aging therapies 24 years ago after I experienced tremendous results with a non-injection homeopathic growth hormone therapy myself.

If after you learn about growth hormone you decide that you do wish to improve your own level you will be faced with the decision of which product to try.

From the beginning I have been dedicated to providing only the truth as I know it and to offering only the product I feel is best based on legitimate and independent clinical evidence.

I want to make sure you understand that there are no independent and unbiased HGH consumer web sites. No matter what the site claims the owner is either trying to make money selling HGH or else they make money by showing the ads of others on their web pages.

As a nurse I do not agree with the so-called consumer web sites that profess to compare and rate different HGH products the way common household items are compared and rated. I know that in medicine legitimate double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies are needed to prove how effective a product really is.

The Highest Legitimate IGF-1 Clinical Studies

When it comes to legitimate IGF-1 clinical studies that measure a product's ability to actually increase the amount of growth hormone in the body only one formula holds the record, and the products I take and recommend contain that formula.

Please click the links below for more information and the articles I've written about HGH, anti-aging, other hormones, health conditions, and to learn more about the ProBLEN supplements I take. You may also learn more about myself and how I got into this area of healthcare.

Lisa Wells, RN.

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