Do You Feel That Your Thyroid Function is Not Optimum?

Do you ever wonder whether you might have thyroid issues, or maybe you know that you have hypothyroidism and you are taking medication from your doctor but you just don't feel as well as you did in the past?

You might be surprised to know that there are people who are hypothyroid but they don't know it because the lab that their doctor used to check their labs is still using the old TSH lab values and because of this they are being told that their thyroid gland is working fine when it is not.

There are also those who have hypothyroidism and they are taking levothyroxin (Synthroid, Levoxyl) from their doctor but it is not working well for them.

Many years ago I dealt with the same issues. After figuring out what was going on and also after speaking with others who are dealing with the same issues I decided to write an article to try to help educate those who need thyroid therapy to be more aware of what may be going on with them so they can get the treatment they need.

Read my article here: Hypothyroidism - The Undiagnosed and Treatment Failures

Lisa Wells, RN

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