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Immune and Detox Combo
Immune and Detox Combo

Immune and Detox Combo

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This Combo focuses on detoxing the body and building and balancing the immune system.
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Immune and Detox Combo

In order for the immune system to function optimally the body needs to be free of harmful toxins that can stress and cause the immune system to become unbalanced. This special Combo aims to help cleanse the body of those harmful toxins and help to strengthen and balance the immune system.

The three products in this Combo are homeopathics that are gentle and safe.

The two Detox products should not cause the side effects that may be seen when taking harsh detoxifiers.

The Immune Support product contains a group of ingredients that are known to support a strong and healthy immune system and because they are in homeopathic form they should not cause the common issues such as stomach upset or other uncomfortable effects one might experience when taking those same ingredients in supplemental form.

This Combo contains one bottle of three different products:

Immune Support: Our new product that combines traditional homeopathic ingredients with vitamins and herbs that are known to strengthen the immune system in order to fight infection.

FDA NDC# 43853-0043-1.

Metals Detox: Contains homeopathic ingredients to assist the body in gently clearing out harmful metal toxins that may build up in the tissue.

FDA NDC# 43853-0041-1.

Lung Detox: Is designed to support the detoxification of the lungs and to help relieve symptoms associated with breathing toxic air such as bronchial congestion, cough, mucus, headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, muscle aches and more.

FDA NDC# 43853-0042-1.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

*Dosage Instructions: Please click on the "Dosages" tab.

*Ingredients: Please click on the "Ingredients" tab.

If you need more information about these products please see their individual product pages.

Each 30 ml sublingual spray bottle is a 30 day supply.

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