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Metals Detox

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This safe homeopathic formulation is designed to gently promote the removal of harmful metals in the body.
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Metals Detox

This homeopathic oral spray is formulated to promote the removal of metal toxins from the body safely.

It is also designed to relieve symptoms associated with metal toxicity such as headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, muscle aches and more.

Metal Detox has no side effects or known drug interactions.

Ingredients Include:

Alumina - for treatment of aluminum toxicity and feelings of restlessness, confusion and headache pain.

Arsenicicum Metallicum - for headaches, hands and fingers feeling swollen and hard to close, and for drowsiness during the day.

Mercurius Corrosivus - for treatment of mercury toxicity, abdominal discomfort, mental confusion and headache.

Niccolum Metallicum - for headaches, weak digestion, pain in the limbs, and feelings of weakness, especially in the evening.

Plumbum Metallicum - for treatment of lead toxicity, and stomach and nerve discomfort.

Radium Bromatum - for feelings of irritability and restlessness, aching pains all over body, and fatigue.

Stannum Metallicum - for treatment of tin toxicity and feelings of anxiousness, dizziness and weakness.

Each 30 ml sublingual spray bottle is a 30 day supply.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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