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Lisa Wells, RN

How Homeopathic HGH Helped Me - by Lisa Wells, RN


Testimonials By Our Customers

  • Lisa, Thank you so very much for the courteous and prompt reply. I felt rather inept not being able to find the information; receiving such a personable and concerned response alleviated that feeling.

    As far as a testimonial, I would rather call it a statement of personal fact and belief. I know my body pretty well. Over my life I have been healthy with only intermittent periods of what I call "downtime". Generally this occurs in October and/or November and last about two weeks. I don't know why this occurs, but it is almost like clockwork.

    My lifestyle has been and continues to be one driven by job requirements and stress. I spent 25 years in the Navy's submarine force. The job I've had the last 8 years has involved high stress and generally keeps me on the road 9-10 months each year.

    My wife and I are avid fitness people and at one time were hooked on running to the extreme of every day no matter what. We have mellowed over the years and we still exercise; versa climber, running and conditioning weights. I had previously used a crystal powder form of human growth hormone. It had to be taken at night with just a little liquid. Cumbersome to say the least. With this regimen I couldn't see any affect, and stopped after 3 months.

    In May of last year I ordered my first ProBLEN HGH Plus IGF-1 and was delighted, if not astounded that the first night of use I had the most vivid and colorful dreams of my life. This phenomena continued and is still a factor of use for me today. I generally wake up ready to go, at 3:30 AM, for a workout and run. This is a regimen I follow 4-5 days each week.

    Over my life I have maintained my weight within 5-8 pounds of my teen age years. Though I don't have as much hair as I did when I was younger there is no gray or white to be found. I feel for 51 years old that in itself is a plus.

    The changes that have occurred over the last year are not like bolts of lightning. They have been progressive and stable. For example, I had a skin blemish, my wife called it an age spot on my cheek. I had tried skin lighteners, lotions etc. For sometime it gained my attention and interest however it seemed as though it was there to stay. Oddly enough, in the last several months it has disappeared. Additionally, the facial and neck area skin seems to have lost some of the wrinkles that were there before.

    There have been some remarkable things happen that have to be attributed to something. The surgery I had to repair a 50% tear in my biceps tendon and correct the my rotator cuff has left me better than I have been in my entire life.

    The remarkable thing about that surgery is that I healed very quickly, like someone much younger. I and wife do believe that the supplement you have developed has great merit. We support that belief with continued sole use of your product.

    In closing, I want to express my profound trust in you and your product. It is because of that trust that I am now going to add the testosterone supplement to my regimen. I have to believe that you are sincere in your field and findings. Thanks again. Your personal response and interest has gone that extra mile in making me comfortable with my decisions. I hope you have a great day. If you should need additional information, please feel free to contact me.

    Loy Miller


    Thanks Mr. Miller. I was happy to be of service. I am pleased to hear about your steady progress with our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product over the past year. Our Testosterone product should be a great addition to your health regimen as optimizing this hormone is also an important part of successful anti-aging therapy. Lisa Wells, RN

  • I have been taking HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 since 2004. It is now 2017 and I am almost 73 years old. This product, along with your Testosterone and Adrenal & DHEA products, has kept me healthy and feeling young during all these years. I am in excellent health. I take no prescription medications at all and I don't have any physical ailments. I do high intensity workouts three times a week and I can physically outperform many men who are half my age. I also enjoy ballroom dancing and thanks to your products I have plenty of the energy, strength, stamina, and memory that is needed to perform at my best.

    Forrest Patton


    Thank you very much Mr. Patton. It has been a pleasure having you as a client all these years. Lisa

  • Nurse Lisa, I received your reply and was so very impressed. You not only responded with valuable information about all issues related to human growth hormone you also replied to the many questions related to myself which consisted of a two pages reply. The information was of great importance to me and will be forwarded to my personal doctor who practices Alternative Medicine. With the information you sent me I know my doctor and I will make a very educated decision on the therapy we will pursue. Your comments and suggestions, which did not require I buy you product, were from the heart and showed me the care you have for the people you want to help. Will let you know what direction I will take after my doctor responds to your information that I sent to her. Thank you so very much!!!



    Thank you for the kind words. If I can be of more help please let me know. Lisa Wells, RN

  • Lisa, I am happy to include my full name in this testimonial, as I am so impressed by the quick, steady, and amazing results of your products, especially when compared to other products I've tried in recent years! Thanks again for your excellent products, outstanding customer service, and professionalism!

    Jim Pinkerton


    Thanks so much for your kind words! Lisa Wells, RN

  • Thank you Lisa for your help! And thank you for your commitment helping people to recognize hGH deficiency and other hormone deficiencies! I am so frustrated with the mainstream medical community because they do not have a clue when it comes to hormone deficiencies... I don't know how many times I had my TSH levels checked, only to be told I was "normal," when I was SO not normal... I even asked the doctors if something was messed up in my brain because of the TBI that would effect thyroid hormones. They didn't even suspect pituitary damage! Or mention hGH! Anyways, thank you!

    Lindsay M


    Thank you! I'm pleased I could be of help. Lisa Wells, RN

  • Happy Birthday Lisa! You certainly look very young I always thought you were in your early thirties, late thirties at the most. Congratulations! I will take a short break from all of the products for a few months and will be back later. Thank you for your assistance and excellent advice. My experience with your company has been one of the best I've ever had.

    Arturo Arché


    Thanks so much Mr. Arché! Lisa

  • This is just a thank you for your awesome reply. I am a web programmer and I spend my life on the internet talking to people, buying products, services and building websites. No one has ever emailed me back so fast and with such a rich thoughtful response. Also I found your website extremely thorough with a plethora of articles that helped me understand your product and the hype behind hgh. Thank you for your awesomeness.

    As a side note, my uncle gave me random bottle of homeopathic hgh and the first time I took it, I had so much energy I could not even sleep that night. Then after a few days the effects stopped and I got what felt like a flu for a day (probably retracing or body healing). But then after that, I still never had the same effects and I was fatigued and had trouble concentrating. As you mentioned in your email, I think I just need to eat more complex carbs. I was on a low carb diet. Thank you for solving a problem that you didn't even know I had.

    Bobby C


    Thanks so much! Lisa Wells, RN

  • I sincerely enjoy your products and informative newsletters. Thanks for your assistance, and for updating my profile. God bless.

    Tom G


    Thank you! Lisa Wells, RN

  • Lisa, thank you for your personal attention. I am most impressed by you and your knowledge of the subject matter and I am looking forward to success with your products.

    Tony V


    Thank you! Lisa Wells, RN

  • Thank you Lisa for answering my questions on the phone today. God bless you and your work!

    Eve H


    My pleasure and thank you! Lisa Wells, RN

  • Lisa, after using your wonderful product HGH-IGF-1 and then later upgrading to Plus IGF-1 & 2, see what has happened to me. Lisa, I could never thank you enough for introducing me to your wonderful products. Remember when I lost all my hair I asked you 100s of questions because I was always suspicious about products sold on the Internet. You were so patient. Since taking HGH-IGF-1 my hair was restored big time. It grows thick and very black all the time. I have now been trimming it I mean it is so fantastic. Not only that, my weight has been 55kg (I am 57cm). Even after almost 5 children and now 38 years old, how do you think I look on the photo with my 2 girls? Now I can only be the living testimony.

    Your products have been so good to me. I also do take my Multi Plus multi-vitamins. Both girls are very smart and always far more advanced than other children. I mean Lisa is tall for her age. She is only 26 months old and her speed is just fantastic. Remember I used to take your HGH while breastfeeding because my doctor said it was ok. I am so glad I did that because my girls will always be advantaged.

    My husband sleeps very well at night, is very energetic and people never believe he is 63. He has been on the product after he saw my changes. We have now been on your product for over 3 and half years. We will never stop. All we can ever do is pray that you help other people to stay young, beautiful, sleep well and be themselves. Please put our photo on the web site for others to see because I am very proud to turn 38 today with 4 living children and still looking better than my 30 year old friends. God Bless you my friend, thanks for being there for me when I needed restoration. Liz & Family.

    Liz G


    Thank you so much! I am very happy that our paths crossed. Perhaps we will meet one of these days. I also applaud you on the great work you are doing to help people. Take care, Lisa

  • Ok Lisa, your were right as I ventured off to try other HGH products. I had tried an amino acid block buster type of drink when I first started looking into HGH products two years ago. I have to admit that Promino Plus helped me a lot and it was noticeable. But I wanted better results and studied the market and tried your HGH spray. As you told me as I went off to try another product, if my wife and I noticed that some of the benefits were tapering off, then your spray was helping us more than we knew. And true it was, and not only have those benefits tapered off over the last two months, but AgeLess Growth, that touted themselves as such a leader in the market, has not helped hardly at all, and the benefits of your spray are continuing to wear off so I am ordering from you again.

    While your product certainly has helped me and I know I want those benefits back, I don't think it has helped me nearly as much as it has my wife. She has high cholesterol and high fat content in her blood and was taking prescription drugs to regulate them. A couple of months after we had been on your product she had a blood test and the Dr's office said those things were too low, so to go off the prescriptions. She was happy and we suspected that the HGH might have contributed to that, but wasn't sure. Then later she had another check up to see how she was doing (at that time we had been off your product for several weeks), and her readings were high again. So she is very anxious to try your spray again. We realize that the change in readings could possibly have been something else so as we try your product again she will take another test in a couple of months... and if at that time they are lower again we will know that your product is probably the reason. For now we are anxious to get back to your product and thought you deserved this update....

    Jon McReynolds


    Thanks so much for the update and welcome back! Lisa Wells, RN



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