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We are dedicated to offering you only the highest quality U.S. made FDA registered health, hormonal, and anti-aging supplements.

It all started for us back in 1999 with our original human growth hormone spray. Since that time our HGH supplements have lead the way in effective and safe alternatives to injection therapy. Our HGH formula still holds the record for increasing the IGF-1 blood levels of test subjects the most during independent randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials that measured the effectiveness of HGH supplements.

Due to the success of our growth hormone supplements we were able to expand our line to include supplements that are formulated to optimize other hormones that decrease with age in the early 2000's and we continue to improve our products as the research advances. We offer safe homeopathic alternatives to traditional prescription hormone replacement therapies.

We are very proud of all our supplements and we have many clients who have been taking them for years because of their effectiveness.

Please visit our HGH-Pro site for much more detailed information about our supplements, as well as articles I've written over the past 23 years about health, fitness, and healthy aging. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I take calls and answer emails and I will be happy to assist you. Of course any information you receive should be discussed with your private healthcare provider.

Lisa Wells, RN

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